About us

Leanko is a company that introduces new products to businesses that provide us with services on a general basis.

The company was created 10 years ago. It was the first to bring the new wireless communication programme which could be used for staff or clients to speak to each other here in Greece and Cyprus. It can be used in industrial places, hospitals, supermarkets, casinos and spas.

For many years the company had the opportunity to present their products to interested clients and salesmen in the biggest displays that occurred throughout Greece which were focused on tourism.

The proof of the success of the company is found with the 200+ clients who enjoy the benefits of the Leanko system.

The company includes a team of skillful people ready to advise you with the smartest solutions in after sales service, which will make your company operate to its best capabilities.

Leanko system has succeeded to ignite interest among many big companies:

These companies sponsor the cost of the installation of our system in places where many people gather.

Leanko’s head office is in Peristeri, Pavlou Mela Street, No. 45-47. Telephone 210-572-1285. At our offices you can see a presentation of our products in our showroom.

Immediate service when customer uses the button at a lucky machine/game.

Immediate response of waiters.

Creates/ing a relaxed atmosphere.

Reduced overheads.

Increased results (better waiter service).

Showing a smooth/well organised working establishment.

No interruptions from the game.

Immediate money dealings.

Immediate staff service/for every need.